Summer outings

We've been trying to have plenty of summer fun together. We went cherry picking in a nearby orchard. The kids' favorite part was the ladders. We got about fourteen pounds that we will probably pie and freeze.

We visited a park that has hiking, water, and a shady playground. Tiger Lily's favorite is the rock climbing wall.

I aim for one outing a week (besides regular stuff, like the library and grocery store), but the kids have been talking me into more.


  1. Ahhhh . . . cherries! How I miss the cherry tree we had at our previous home. :) I hope your pies are fabulous!

  2. We do one outing too. As well as the library and errands. Cherry picking sounds so fun.

  3. I remember taking my kids to a cherry orchard when they were just 2 and 4 years old. Oh they were a mess, covered from head to toe in cherry juice and they loved it! Once we moved to the home we are in now, we had both a pie and sweet cherry tree. The kids would gorge themselves on the cherries and I was fine with that. I did not buy fruit during the Summer because we had the cherries, raspberries, foraged for plums and also had Summer apples.