I'm currently reading Proteinaholic by Garth Davis, and an advance copy of Louisana's Way Home by Kate DiCamillo. Also, my husband got me a digital subscription to the New York Times for my birthday. Lucky me! Tiger Lily is reading The Twins at St. Clare's series by Enid Blyton, which tickles me to death because I knew she'd love it. Red Chief is working on the Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans which I've never read. Pip is into Madeline, Minerva Louise, Caps for Sale, and The Incredible Book-Eating Boy.

I've fallen into a rhythm of making mostly things we've had before, with a few new recipes each week. Monday is always make-ahead in the slow cooker or Instant Pot because I teach violin, and Friday is make-ahead as well because we're at Red Chief's French horn lesson, although I tend toward doing something more fun or casual, like raw veggies and hummus, or bean salsa and chips. I'm trying to incorporate more simple, raw, and cool foods as the weather warms up.

In the garden
I don't want to talk about it. Allergies hit me so strong this year that I haven't dared to do anything in the garden. Mowing part of the lawn one Saturday made me so sick that I had to leave church the next day! So I'm trying to not think about the garden right now. I hope things will calm down for me later and I'll be able to do a fall garden.

In the home
I've been great the past week at keeping my cleaning routines. This may change now that the big kids are out of school for the summer, but I'm hoping that I can keep it up and even delegate some of the work to them.

He's always talked well, but he's started going off on multi-sentence bursts when there's a subject he wants to tell you a lot about (like the rain going into the storm drain, or batteries). At age 3.5 he's still not interested in potty training—in fact, he's regressed to the point that he just told me the other day, "I like having my diaper changed." Watching and waiting at this point. I'm fortunate to have found a group of moms for a preschool co-op in the fall who are willing to accept him even if he's not quite trained yet. Oh, and he learned his alphabet after watching a DVD a few times!

Tiger Lily
She's sad the school year is over, but looking forward to her birthday party coming up soon. She's my bookworm; sometimes I have to take away her reading material to help her get things done. She hates piano lessons and hates that I won't let her quit. She's very much looking forward to a drama camp next week.

Red Chief
He's glad to have the first year of middle school behind him. He is looking forward to having free time over the summer for unlimited Lego building and French horn practice. Also coming up this summer: his first Scout camp (and his dad just became Scoutmaster, so they can go together). He will also be doing a lot of lawnmowing this summer, as this is the first year he can do most of it himself.

Orchestra is out for the summer, but we had a fabulous and funny season-ending concert of law-themed music. I stopped taking piano lessons because I couldn't find the time to practice consistently, but I have been enjoying sitting down and playing when I get the chance.

We've been having lots of thunderstorms and rainbows, and I've been loving the stormy weather. However, I did also just get my first sunburn of the season. We definitely haven't settled down into all hot weather all the time quite yet, though!


  1. My godson Evan used to literally change his own diaper. It wasn’t even a pull up. He’d seriously undo the tape, wipe himself, get a new diaper and make sure it was on right- but would not use the bathroom. His mom just eventually forced him to go without anything but basic pants, no diaper no pull up. That fixed that problem.

  2. I love these kind of post. My allergies have been a mess too. I have bronchitis due to so much sinus and drainage.

  3. Lovely . . . except the allergies! I dug out our spring garden, but I haven't put in a summer one yet, even though we've had weeks of summer weather! We'll probably not get a single tomato until September. :)