Trip of a lifetime

Red Chief and Mr. Mordecai took a big trip in March and I completely forgot to write about it here. For Red Chief's tenth birthday, we offered him a trip of his choice to anywhere (within reason).

He did a lot of research (and we had to veto a couple, like space) before he settled on Easter Island.

He researched plane fares, hotels, and travel plans: this trip was over 18 months in the making. And in March, he went there. The worst part was the four-leg plane trip, but on the bright side, he got bonus day trips to Santiago and Sao Paulo.

Red Chief chose what to do on the trip. They saw all the moai (the Easter Island statues), climbed the tallest mountain on the island (not that tall), and Red Chief spent six hours swimming in the ocean.

He arrived home sunburned, tired, and happy, full of stories about the island, and also about the restaurant chickens, street dogs, and hotel cats that he met.


  1. Holy cow! What a trip!!!! I'm just stunned and so impressed!

  2. That’s so nice. I had to look up Easter Island for further knowledge. I’m glad the Moai have protections in place. There are so many indigenous cultures that have been lost to humanity.