Good things this spring

  • The pairs of ducks flying overhead
  • And the ducklings
  • The robins building their nests
  • The pink snow that happens when the trees lose their blossoms
  • The sunshine
  • The shedding of our coats for the morning walk to school
  • Young people we know growing up and graduating and getting married
  • Red Chief learning to mow the lawn
  • Red Chief's horn lessons being moved to a place equally far away, but with a more scenic drive and a park across the street for Pip to play in
  • Our new fruit trees survived the winter
  • The kids are growing
  • Pip playing with water in the back yard
  • Tiger Lily making chalk art on the driveway with the twins next door
  • All three kids playing in the rain together


  1. I got a blog again with some new rules:

    I believe we came up with some good blog names that none of y’all got first. Like you, I’m the only one keeping my real name. The rest of my family is Alexander Hamilton, Tiger Eye, Tiny Dancer, and Belteshazzar. Me& Mr. Hamilton came up with some compromises. I’m glad. Just got to think of some good content.