Convincing myself

I felt that I had to wheedle myself like a stubborn child to get anything done today.

"I'm tired. I don't want to do anything today."
"But you need to go to the store. You didn't go yesterday."
"Fine. I'll go. It's better than cleaning the house anyway."

At the store: "Don't buy the French bread. You can make some. It will be much healthier."
"Okay, I guess."

At home: "Why didn't I buy the bread? Now I have to make bread for dinner tonight. I don't want to."
"It won't take long. You can watch a movie while it's rising."
"Fine. But I'm not grinding wheat."
"Why don't you make that vegan pound cake you found the recipe for last night, while the bread is rising? It would go well with those strawberries you just bought."

Make the bread. Grind wheat after all. Make the cake.

"That wasn't so bad I guess. But I don't want to clean up."
"The bread is still rising. The cake is in the oven. Just see how much you can do in three minutes."

And in three minutes, it was done.


  1. It’s ok to take a day off and do nothing. It’s ok to delegate. Lay in bed and listen to something soothing like violin music on YouTube or scriptures on audio. You have a chronic illness, and you have needs too. Take care of you, so you can take care of everyone else.

  2. https://youtu.be/pRAezlFcDwc

  3. This just totally made me ready to get up and get it done.. smile..
    Too cute.
    ps did the cake and bread turn out good?

  4. Yes, they turned out well despite my reluctance to get started!