Big bed

Pip, at the age of 3.5, has finally graduated to a big bed. He is the latest of my three children to get out of the crib, and the only one to use a toddler bed (which was just his crib converted). He loved it, and I didn't see a reason to make him change.

But this morning he laid down in the twin-sized bed in his room and I saw how much of it he filled up. I asked him if he wanted to take down his crib and start sleeping in the big bed, and he said yes.

So without any planning ahead, my husband and Pip took down the crib together, and we shuffled some furniture, and here we are.

Now the final step toward big boy–hood is getting this kiddo potty trained. You'd think I'd know what to do on the third child, but nope, they're all different!


  1. In Texas, they’d say, “He’s moving out of the way for the next one.”
    Seriously, I think I may have been even older when I left my crib. I actually have a memory of climbing out of it like a ninja, running down the hall, and jumping on my parents’ bed with both of them sleeping in it.

  2. It's a bitter-sweet moment, isn't it?! :)

  3. Oh my... so hard to believe that Pip is 3 1/2.. Time is flying.. When they get ready to move to the "big boy bed"--- you know they are growing up.
    You are so right , on the potty training.. Each child is so different.[Have seen this so much in all our grandkids]
    bty...my sweet baby granddaughter is graduating Friday night and will start college this fall. Such a sad/happy time.. Can not believe it.lol