Something new: Soy curls

Image courtesy Butler Foods

I'm an adventurous cook and eater, and I love trying new things. I kept hearing rave reviews about a new product called soy curls. They're one ingredient—soybeans—and to be honest, I thought they sounded weird.

But, being curious, I eventually tried them (when the price on Amazon got low enough). And we like them! They are hands down the best meat substitute we have tried. They come dehydrated, which makes them a great food storage product. Half a bag is enough for my family of five. You need to soak them for ten minutes in warm water and season well when you add them to the recipe, because they don't have any flavor of their own.

So far I have tried a teriyaki stir-fry and fajitas, and we've enjoyed them both.

Now that I know we like them, I'll be ordering in bulk directly from the manufacturer (Butler Foods) to save money. I'm happy to have this new ingredient in my pantry!


  1. Sounds interesting.. Love when you share about your new foods.. Did the kids like them too?

    1. Two out of three kids like them a lot, and the other one will eat them.