A three-year-old's favorite books

Little Pip is getting decidedly opinionated in his choice of books lately. Here are some of his favorites that he requests again and again.

  • What Was I Scared Of? by Dr. Seuss. Pip can't get over his fascination with the pale green pants with nobody inside them. He has deemed this book too scary to actually take to bed with him, but he still asks me to read it to him almost every night. This book is a favorite with our whole family.
  • Jamberry by Bruce Degen. We read this book every night for months. It says a lot about the book that I still enjoy reading it.
  • The Wicked Big Toddlah by Kevin Hawkes. Too funny! A story about a gigantic baby who gets into all sorts of trouble. It is full of inside jokes about Maine (which I don't really get, but still enjoy), and the illustrations are the best. I notice something new and funny almost every time I read it to Pip, and I've read it a lot!
  • Triangle by Mac Barnett. Pip is fascinated by this book and now wants to play "sneaky tricks" on everyone. This book has also been deemed too scary to take to bed.
  • The Saddest Toilet in the World by Sam Apple. We've been reading dozens of potty books lately, but this one that personifies a toilet who's sad because a little boy won't sit on it takes the cake. Pip loves it.
  • Ducks Away! by Mem Fox. Every. Day. Until I took it back to the library. So cute, Mem Fox can't be beat!
  • The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth. Pip is fascinated by the gingerbread man and doesn't seem to mind him getting eaten at the end.
  • Snipp Snapp Snurr and the Gingerbread by Maj Lindman. I got him this book because he loved The Gingerbread Man so much, and boy did he ever love reading about three little boys falling into the gingerbread batter and running around town!
  • But No Elephants by Jerry Smath. One of my favorites in my childhood, now a favorite of Pip's.
  • Risseldy, Rosseldy by John M. Feierabend. This is a random book I grabbed off the shelves at the library that turned out to be a hit. The rhythm is so catchy, I would hear Pip chanting it in bed on nights we read it.
  • All for Pie, Pie for All by David Martin. The illustrations are just adorable.


  1. When Anna was three, I read her “Can You Count to a Googol?”
    I’m not sure she liked it, but she was super into the concept and you could really see the wheels turning as she was probably trying to grasp the concept of infinity for the first time.

  2. I love three year olds - they just love everythig and you can read them any book because they just so enjoy the special time together! Do I sound like I could use a grandchild?haha

  3. Wow.. so hard to believe that Pip is already 3.. Time is flying..ha
    My grandkids are all grown up [the youngest, the twins are 12]. I do miss the reading to them.. At 3, they loved to be read to..

  4. Beverly Cleary turned 102 earlier this month, and I found this video from 2016 with Jenna Bush when she was approaching 100. Her discontent as a child with available books to read reminded me of your kids.