Pi day preparations

Red Chief's middle school knows how to celebrate pi day the right way! They've requested 250 pies for their math students, and I'll be contributing two of them.

While I was at it, I made peanut butter granola (Tiger Lily's request) and bread (Red Chief's request). I also made another small pie from the scraps of the big ones. Tomorrow I'll make a chickenless pot pie and a fresh strawberry pie for our family.

Pip is having a hard time waiting for pi day. He's been asking about it ever since we bought the pie pans and whipped cream last week. One more day, little man!


  1. What lovely accomplishments!

    We don't do pi day because we have birthdays instead :)

    But pi day would be a worthy celebration otherwise.

  2. Do you find it ironic that Stephen Hawking passed away on pi day?