Making music

My husband and I brought back a toy instrument–building kit from our trip to Arizona. The kids can't stop playing with it. One morning I looked down to find Tiger Lily and Pip playing a duet.

But my favorite part about the scene is that Pip has his hand in the bell of his "French horn." Why yes, he does pay attention to what his big brother does. He's fortunate to have such a good example, in music playing and in other matters as well.


  1. Nice!!! Anna had a recorder at age 2, but took no interest in it. I’m starting to wonder if I should bring back my blog with my new family. Autodidactic learning is a lot more fun with three kids than with one. My fiancĂ© is worried about confidentiality, but we haven’t heard from his ex in months. I’m dying to show off my new daughter and son. And my house. And my man! And I want a Vimeo of our wedding day. If only he wasn’t so paranoid.