I played in an orchestra concert last weekend. I have been playing with this group since I moved here about eleven years ago, but the group has evolved beyond recognition. We used to number about fifteen, and we were always struggling to find rehearsal space, performance venues, and cellists (not to mention a conductor).

Several years ago, an amazing musician adopted us. She chooses programs and conducts, and her incredible enthusiasm has attracted a whole stage full of musicians and a whole auditorium full of concertgoers!

Lucky us.


  1. What a wonderful blessing to you! And what a wonderful blessing you are to those who come to hear your music!

  2. Anna is still loving her viola. I have a tuning app on my phone for her, but I don’t know anything about music, let alone how to tune. The app is called tonal energy. Do you know it?

    1. I've never used that app, but I have heard a lot of music teachers recommend it!