Back to it!

Getting back into the swing of things:

  • A new invention to use up what was in the fridge: pasta nachos. Not bad! Night two will be either enchiladas or corn chowder and then it's going to be either a trip to the store or food storage for dinner.
  • Taking Tiger Lily in for x-rays to try to find out about her chronic ankle pain. (The verdict? All bones look good.)
  • Red Chief's first trip to the music store by himself on his bike. He's been waiting for this day ever since he started playing the French horn. 
  • A house fire next door. We have good neighbors who noticed soon and did everything right so the damage was minimal compared to what it could have been. The neighbors whose house caught fire weren't home, so no one was hurt.
  • Pip tried on his daddy's coat. 
  • Snow (meh) and sun to melt it (yay).
  • Flowers, a drawing, and a cake waiting for us when we came home. 
  • Teaching my violin and viola students (one of each). The break gave me time and perspective to come up with a couple of things to help them, so that was good.
  • Randomly pulling down my violin and playing nothing but folk songs even though I should be practicing the insanely hard music for my orchestra concert this Saturday.


  1. Here's wishing you continued joy in life back at home!

  2. I’ve had chronic ankle pain since before I was TL’s age. My mom always credited it to me jumping off of something as a toddler and landing on my feet (which I have no memory of)

  3. I'm going to take her to a running shop that analyzes your gait and matches you up with the best shoes for your type. I have heard that has helped other people.

    Tiger Lily did lots of jumping off of things when she was a toddler, but I don't think it's related. :)

  4. Probably not. Her theory is what we frequently call a “Helen original”.