January pumpkin

I started out the new year right by butchering a pumpkin. My parents' neighbor gave them this pumpkin that he grew himself, picked green, then allowed to ripen inside. They were dubious as to whether it would be any good to eat, but when I cut it open the flesh was beautiful and the walls were thick. A perfect pumpkin for eating. We ate some of it in soup, and I froze enough to make soup three more times.

My parents' neighbor has done amazing things with his yard. He has converted pretty much all of it into a garden and produces large amounts of organic food and beautiful flowers. I've been a horrible gardener these past several years, but that just makes me admire even more people who succeed at it.


  1. I would love to know how to garden.

  2. "A perfect pumpkin for eating."

    There's a kind of poetry in that line. :)

  3. I’ve been Greek my whole life, and I just found out this year that a Greek New Years tradition is to smash pomegranate like you would smash pumpkins on Halloween. I thought that was terrible!!!