Bread for friends

Throughout our marriage (we just passed the thirteen-year mark!), my husband and I have enjoyed baking and distributing cookies to friends and neighbors. We loved baking and delivering them, and it was fun for the whole family.

A few years ago when our eating took a turn for the healthier, our cookie baking fizzled out. I didn't keep eggs and butter around anymore. It was hard to find recipes that tasted "normal" enough to share.

But slowly I have found that a new item is replacing the cookies, not by design, but by evolution: bread.

Lately when I make up our favorite French bread recipe (which I have now mastered in various percentages of whole wheat, up to 100), I make double. Instead of forming four French loaves from that massive amount of dough, I form six boules.

Today I was too lazy to grind more wheat, so it was made from almost all white flour. I didn't think we'd need six loaves, but I have found that if I make them, we always find something good to do with them.
  • One to eat hot
  • One (still hot!) for the neighbors
  • One for a church friend just out of the hospital 
  • One to dry out for Caesar salad croutons
  • One to have with dinner
  • One for a family from church
Looks like I need to make a triple batch if I want to have more to give away, or we'll have to cut back on our bread consumption (not likely! who can resist fresh bread?).

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  1. Oh! Fresh bread is the hardest thing to live without in this season of our family's diet. How I look forward to reintroducing it (with soaked grains) someday again!!!