We had a beautiful Thanksgiving. It was just us, and I somehow managed to get dinner ready by 12:30, so that was nice. Not too much waiting.

A few years ago I asked the kids what they wanted for Thanksgiving, and their only request was a cornucopia, so we got one and have had it out every year since. This year, Pip was pretty sure he could play the cornucopia like a horn.

Red Chief spent a lot of time on the counter babysitting the turkey breast in the crockpot. He also made us the drinks and set up the cornucopia.

Tiger Lily was my right-hand helper.

I had fun teaching her to shape rolls: knots, braids, regular round, and Parker House. It brought back memories of helping my mom shape the rolls on holidays.

Later everyone played Mario, or as Pip calls it, "Marr-o." And in the evening, the missionaries in our area stopped by and we had leftovers and lots of pie.


  1. Glad you had a good one. I slept after everyone left. You know, I keep seeing articles about “things disappearing from the modern American kitchen” and as I read them, I think “Dianna does that.”