Stuff on my mind lately

  • Teaching Pip to be quieter
  • Teaching Tiger Lily that one shouldn't need to be constantly entertained
  • Getting some probiotics into Red Chief as he finishes a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection
  • Thanksgiving planning and shopping and cooking
  • Planning the Christmas Eve church meeting—it's going to be almost all music, and I'm in charge of music at church right now
  • Contemplating some Christmas sewing for immediate family members
  • Wondering how to get the ugly yellow hard water marks off the bathroom sink (everything I've tried has failed)
  • Working (and succeeding!) at keeping up with the basics every day in the kitchen and living room, and wondering what to add to that next
  • Realizing that Pip is three now and not a baby anymore, and that I can probably start some simple learning activities with him

1 comment:

  1. Good thoughts. Awesome at keeping up with the basics!!!