Red Chief makes cat treats

Red Chief perused my new copy of Little House Living a few weeks ago, then declared his intention to make cat treats. The cat liked them for the first few days, then about two days before they went moldy, she rejected them, the wise animal. If we make these again, we will make a quarter batch, and there would still be enough to share!

I also made the eczema cream from the same book, for Pip. For months now, I've been putting a dab of this and a dab of that in the palm of my hand to grease up his poor cracked feet after bathtime. But opening five different containers every time I wanted to treat him really was a bit much. So I made the eczema cream with the addition of a couple of things I had been using, and you know what? It really helps him. Plus, I'm much more likely to treat him now that I have the cream in a single jar. He's getting greased up twice a day now instead of once every other day, just because it's more convenient.

Little House Living 
is full of recipes for household cleaners, body products, and cooking mixes. It has been fun to look at, and I'm looking forward to trying more recipes!


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    1. It's in the book Little House Living by Merissa Alink. I bought a copy but we found it at the library too.

  2. Red chief.. you are a smart fellow.. and how nice you made the cat treats.. Bet your cat loves you..

    Dianna.. that is such a good idea to mix the ingrediants in one jar..