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I've been cooking up a storm lately, and I realized that it's past time to share the new recipes I've tried! I probably made changes to most of these recipes when I made them, because that's just the way I cook (especially with soups), but I'm too lazy to note all of them. One thing I do always do is eliminate the oil. I'm proud of myself for learning to cook without oil over the past few years!


Lunchbox chocolate chip cookies. Excellent. I will make these often. I used peanut butter instead of the almond butter.

Dill pickle potato chowder. I've seen pickle soup recipes going around and I'm so happy someone veganized it! Everyone except Tiger Lily loves this soup.

Classic vegan baked ziti. This was pretty yummy although a little bland. I'll spice it up next time. The kids loved it, and said it was better than lasagna. I'm okay with that, since lasagna is a lot of work.

Olive Garden–inspired minestrone. I felt like branching out from our usual minestrone, so I tried this. Very nice.

Vegan salisbury steak meatballs with garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. So, this turned out amazing! I used their meatball recipe, but I ended up using my own personal gravy and mashed potato recipes, since we already have versions we like. I will definitely make this again! Everyone loved it.

Potato and white bean soup with kale. My husband and I liked this, but the kids were offended by it. Still, I'll probably make it again. The second time they'll have seen it once and perhaps they'll be more used to the idea.

Mulligatawny soup. I wasn't so sure about this going into it, but everyone ended up liking it! The kids had fun guessing the ingredients, especially the apples.

Saag dip. This was so good along with naan and aloo gobi! Red Chief especially liked it.

Potato curry. Yum.

Laksa soup. I'm not sure I can claim to have actually made this soup since I made so many substitutions, but the framework certainly provided something delicious!

Thai lemongrass soup. Amazing. I'm definitely making this again. And it was my first time buying and using lemongrass, which was fun. I'd only ever had it in restaurants before. We served our soup over a scoop of rice.

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