Quick trip

We went on a crazy fast trip this weekend to see my baby sister get married. Arrived late Friday, wedding Saturday, back home on Sunday.

My sister was a beautiful bride and I guess she really is all grown up now. Above is her cake. The cake was made and frosted by friend of the family H (this is also her photo that I stole), and another sister (I have three) put the flowers on artistically. The green is honeysuckle from my vine, brought down in a cooler.

It was fun to catch up with friends and acquaintances from the past. I randomly ran into one of my best friends from high school at the temple, and then of course there were many old friends at the reception.

When we got home there wasn't a lot of food in the house, so I whipped up a recipe my grandma and mom taught me: kitchen sink soup. You take all the odds and ends you can find that go together (especially the things you want to use up), and you make soup. It always turns out tasty.


  1. it’s not stealing when I’d already shared it on a couple of social media sites!
    It was fun to see you all!

  2. We call that same recipe "Garbage Soup."

    Your name is less gross. :)

    Congratulations to your sister!!

  3. Congrats to your sister and husband..
    They do grow up so fast, don't they?
    The cake is beautiful..

  4. My grandmother called that soup "Tourolou Tourolou".
    Congrats to your sister.