Family home evening

We had a thoughtful family home evening again this week! I was thinking this past week of a song that Tiger Lily likes to listen to, and I realized that it came from a church video that was used when I was a teenager.

So I dug up the video. I am so glad the church has been so good about putting all their videos online in recent years! We talked about how we got the Book of Mormon, then we watched the video. And now Tiger Lily knows what her song is about, and with any luck, she'll remember it each time she listens and sings along.

I just realized this post sounds like I only had FHE with Tiger Lily. We all had it together, but I will admit I have been thinking about her a lot when I plan it lately. I feel like we focused on Red Chief for so long, and then I dropped the ball, that it's her turn. But luckily everyone can benefit from a simple gospel lesson, no matter who I have in mind when I plan it.

Another good experience! I wonder what I'll come up with for next week?


  1. How great. My husband is beginning to write a devotion for fathers to do.

  2. How wonderful..
    Fantastic that you are taking this time to share God's word with your children. Such a blessing.