Family home evening

I have been trying to refocus on family home evening lately, as I feel we've gotten a little bit lazy about it. My goal is to teach my kids about the scriptures but have a good time doing it, and make sure it's a positive experience.

Tonight I felt prompted to share the story of the ten virgins from the Bible. I retold it (both the older kids remembered it once we got started), then we watched this movie. It really made an impression on Tiger Lily, who can be hard to reach.

Now we all have bean jars to fill with our "drops of oil" as we do things that bring us closer to Christ (we agreed that real oil would be too messy).

I hope we can continue to have these positive learning experiences together as a family. I'm not sure now what we will talk about next week, but I know if I ask, God will nudge me in the right direction.


  1. For some reason I thought it was 12 virgins (6 and 6). Your church makes the loveliest videos.

  2. Very neat. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm feeling the pull to prepare my 7 year old for baptism. She has a very hard time with comprehension and retention, and I don't think she'll be prepared unless we devote the next year to teaching about it often.

    Heavenly Father certainly gives us what we need, doesn't He?!?!

  4. What a wonderful time, the kids will have and you will have too. I know God will lead you , He is awesome.. So proud that you are doing this with the kids.. When they grow up, the will be so appreciative of these things.