Pancake art

I made this lovely peanut butter pancake for Pip, but would he eat it? No. Luckily Tiger Lily stepped in to take care of it. I'm glad someone appreciated my art.


  1. Fickle 2 year olds . . . gotta love 'em anyway, right? :)

    I think your pancake art is lovely!

  2. Pancake looks yummy.. I think Me and Tiger Lily would have had a race for it.ha
    One of my granddaughters is a really picky eater.. she is now 16 and still eats very little.. mercy...lol

  3. My dad's specialty is Mickey Mouse pancakes. Just do one big one for the head and two little ones for the ears. That's all he ever did, but I'm sure you can do more for it to look more like Mickey.