I've been enjoying listening to audiobooks from the library on my phone lately. I can just pop it in my pocket, and it follows me around the house. I also tend to listen to books I might not otherwise explore, because the selection is a tad limited. This is not a bad thing. I've also been enjoying that Pip has moved up from board books to picture books, and there's a whole new world of reading available to us.

Awhile ago, I asked Mr. Mordecai what I should make more of, and he said curry. So we've had a different curry (or two) every week since then. Who knew there was so much variety? Indian and Thai curries, curried soups, curried potatoes!

In the home
Trying to hit the most important things every day (like mopping after Pip spills chocolate milk), and not worry too much about everything else.

I'm pretty sure Pip is the most adorable creature ever created. Last night while he was still wearing his apron from dinner, he spent the evening filling up the pockets with dominoes, jumping, spinning, and singing at the top of his voice.

Tiger Lily
This girl is a reader! Getting her to complete her responsibilities is a struggle; I always find her lounging on the couch with her nose in a book. My mom will tell me that fair is fair: I believe I used to be just the same way. I got a new batch of library books today and I am going to try giving her one every day after she finishes her jobs.

Red Chief
Red Chief is growing more independent as he adjusts to middle school. I'm proud of him, and it's exciting to see him grow more responsible and self-sufficient.

Orchestra is back in session! We're playing Rhapsody in Blue, Carmen Suite No. 1, and Enescu's Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, all of which I've wanted to play, so . . . orchestra is fun right now. I also started piano lessons. Since I'm not great at piano, I find it a bit more frustrating, but I love working toward a new goal and seeing my progress, even if it's slow.

Last week was rain; this week is supposed to be beautiful! I'm looking forward to walking Tiger Lily to school every day and stopping at the park with Pip on the way home.

I've started writing in my journal more regularly. It feels good.

I finished taking my personal finance class, and now I'm leading one!

“Let’s not be confused about who we are! While it is often easier to be spiritually passive than it is to put forth the spiritual effort to remember and embrace our divine identity, we cannot afford that indulgence in these latter days.”
Joy D. Jones, September 2017 LDS General Women's Session


  1. How lovely life is right now.

    My 8 year old is just like your Tiger Lily as far as she has her nose in a book instead of doing what she's supposed to do first. :)

  2. The kids are growing up .. You have done a good job.. Pip.. adorable.. Tiger lily.. oh how wonderful , she loves to read.. My daughter was the same.. Red Chief in middle school.. wow..where did the time go.. proud he's adjusting so well.
    Best wishes on your piano lessons..Know you will do well.

  3. A good resource for personal finance is a workbook by Judy Lawrence. It's either called The Budget Guide, or The Budget Book. It makes you analyze everything to the T. If you do get it and choose to fill it all out, though, it might be best to keep it in a lock box, because you have to write all account numbers, routing numbers, passwords, etc. Nonetheless, it's a godsend.