Here's something I haven't done since changing my diet. I made yogurt!

Surprisingly, dairy-free yogurt is even easier to make than cow's milk yogurt. You don't have to heat and cool the milk in the beginning. All I had to do was mix the powder from a probiotic capsule into a box of soy milk, pour into jars, and push a button on my Instant Pot, which is a multi-cooker that can slow cook, pressure cook, and also make yogurt. Twelve hours later, it was ready.

It turned out really well, and I can't even tell a difference between this and dairy yogurt (although I'll admit, it's been quite awhile since I had any). I plopped some jam in the bottom of each jar before pouring in the milk so it would be more fun to eat. It was nice to have yogurt again.

I liked this yogurt much better than pre-sweetened storebought coconut and almond yogurts that I've tried in the last few years.

Something I just realized: this recipe is food storage friendly! The milk I used was shelf-stable, as was the jam, and the probiotic capsules should last quite awhile in the fridge since I'm only planning on using them to make yogurt.

Instructions here. I'd been meaning to try this recipe for quite some time; my only regret is that I didn't try it sooner.