I feel like I've had a lot of duds lately (classics like The Metamorphosis and The Sorrows of Young Werther). But I did recently read and love Under the Country Sky by Grace S. Richmond, and I'm looking forward to trying more of her books.

Red Chief and Tiger Lily have been very into cooking lately—mostly treats, but you've got to start somewhere! I have been sticking to simple meals until our busy summer is over.

Sick. We've been passing around a cold for more than a week now. I'm ready to be back to normal!

In the garden
It's a jungle out there!

In the home
Trying to keep up with the minimum while I'm sick (that would be dishes, laundry, and picking up). Excited to get a new schedule going when school starts next week.

Since he can't stay out of the water (bathtubs, sinks, hoses, anywhere he can find it!), I got him a water table for the back porch. Never before has child been so enchanted with plaything. I'm glad I didn't wait until his birthday. He gets soaked every time he goes outside, but no matter. It's hot out. Also: he has given up his pacifier. As I expected, he is not sleeping as well without it, but it was past time for it to go.

Tiger Lily
Decided that she doesn't like ballet, but adored her theater class. I'm glad she was able to try some new things this summer. She is also the best helper with Pip.

Red Chief
Has made incredible strides in French horn in the last three months since he started. He's gone much, much further than I imagined he would in so short a time. Oh yes, and he is also an official Boy Scout now!

It's smoke season. I hate keeping my kids inside, but the smoke certainly doesn't do our colds any favors! Other than that, it's just hot. The smoke and heat are both more bearable if we can get out first thing in the morning.

My finance class at church is almost done and it's been an incredible experience! I've also been trying to read a few classics (as I mentioned above). I've been thinking a lot about picking up a class of some sort in the fall, but I'm going to wait and see what Pip's binky-less naps are going to look like before I commit to anything.

Inputting all our information for the school year into Google Calendar. It's more complicated now that we will have kids in two schools. We're definitely entering a busier stage in our lives, and I'm mourning the simplicity of our past years.


  1. I, too, mourn the simplicity of past years. :) But good joys are ahead . . . they're just different.

  2. Do you have a store in your area called Half Price Books? They'll buy your dud books for a few bucks.

  3. I use to really miss the times when our kids were small.. And the little things were easy/fun.. Then I really missed their busy lives, as teenagers... Then so bittersweet , when they left for lives of their own.. But then we got the wonderful granddchildren. Now, it is bittersweet as they are heading off to college this year.
    Loved hearing about the kids.. The older two , have really grown , since I first started reading your blog.. Seems like time is flying.ha