Dad's dishes

A few years ago my parents were cleaning out their house and offered me the dishes my dad used to eat from when he was growing up. I accepted, and my parents packed them neatly and delivered them. I put them on a shelf in Tiger Lily's closet and forgot about them.

Last month we were shuffling some things around and I found them. I did what I had originally meant to do: unpacked them, gave them a home in Grandma's china cabinet, and started using them.

I'm so happy to see these in use again after so many years. The kids love them. I love them. They don't feel dated at all; I love the fun colors and timeless styling.

My favorite part about these old dishes is the story about my dad and his sister always fighting over who got to use the blue plate. One day she sweetly told him he could use it, and he sat down, mollified (and probably surprised!). But later he found out that she was offering him the gray plate. He was colorblind and didn't know the difference!


  1. How wonderful. Love them, they are so beautiful and such wonderful memories.
    I had to laugh at how smart the sister was.. I have a color blind son too.. and so I can see how the gray plate worked.lol