Summer planning: schoolwork

I cruelly force my kids to do schoolwork every day during the summer. I have had people ask before if my kids are homeschooled. I always take that as a compliment. They go to public school, but I can't help getting a little extra in during the summer. What's more, I sometimes assign them extra during the school year (like math facts practice!) if I think they need more work on something, and if there is time.

Here's what they're up to right now:

Red Chief (10)

Tiger Lily (8)


  1. My daughter also goes to public school, but I homeschooled her on the scientific method. She wants to be a doctor, so that's kind of important. When she was doing her 4th grade science project and had to relate it to all of the scientific method lingo, it became obvious that they were not taught that before being assigned the science project (oops) and my daughter got very frustrated and was crying. That's when the lessons started. It helped tremendously. Teachers' hands are tied very, very often. We have to intuitively see what was missed and make up for it at home. It is what it is.

  2. You can't beat year-round learning!!!

  3. My mother was a teacher and she always purchased the next years reading and spelling workbooks, which we completed in the summer. School needless to say was very boring until college. So nice to see that you encourage the kids in the summer.