Summer planning: reality

I just wanted to make sure I give you all the right idea, after writing all about my summer scheduling. Let it be said for the record: we do not do every single thing every day. Some days everything goes swimmingly. Some days nothing gets done. Most days I hit most of the high points with the kids, but I'm chronically behind on housework. And I know from experience of past summers that I will stick to my plan more in the beginning of the summer than I will by the end.

Yes, housework is what has been suffering most. I try to schedule simple meals and keep up on laundry and dishes, and enlist the kids to help me, but even so, if you walk into our house, you will probably find toys everywhere, dirty dishes in the kitchen, and floors that desperately need sweeping and vacuuming (and mopping, because Pip likes to pour his own drinks). The garden needs weeding; the box of shoes has been dumped again because someone couldn't find a sandal; someone is mad at me; the garden is parched and overrun with weeds; I haven't made breakfast in weeks.

One thing I know from experience that I have to watch in the summer is my own sanity. In the summer, I miss my night out to orchestra every week (we take the summer off), and at the same time I get to see a lot more of my lovely children. I love them and take full responsibility for them and I'm glad they're home, but let's face it: things are a lot crazier around here when they're not in school all day. I try to take quiet time when I can, and sometimes my husband will put off other plans so I can take an evening off. I appreciate him so much.

In the end, life is good. I have three children who are happy and healthy and learning and growing, and they have parents who love them. Even if the balance in our home hangs a little too far toward the messy side sometimes, we live life here, and we're comfortable here, and we're happy here.


  1. I totally understand. Truly!!!

  2. Just like I said on Chrissy's ^ blog, even if you don't check off everything on the list, if you've done some, you've still made progress.

  3. OT, but are you in range for the solar eclipse? If so, are you getting a video of it?

  4. You're very organized and talented and caring. I think your children are blessed to have you for their mother.

  5. I absolutely love your honesty.. I remember the summers with my kids at home, I loved it, but things didn't stay the way, I planned.ha I miss those days.. Yes, My house stays neat [most of the time--smile] but, I miss those little messes, that I never dreamed, I would miss.ha
    Enjoy your summer..It will all get done.. You do a fantastic job with your kids.. Such a blessing ..
    Have a great day.