Summer planning: outings

We're much happier when we get out of the house every day. I try to plan a good mix of fun and have-tos. Here is our schedule of activities outside the house:
  • Monday: Library.
  • Tuesday: Take a walk in the morning. Piano lessons. Ballet for Tiger Lily.
  • Wednesday: Adventure day! The kids choose a fun activity, and they are excused from some of their regular tasks.
  • Thursday: Grocery store day. The kids get to choose something fun to eat for lunch.
  • Friday: Visit a park. French horn lessons for Red Chief (and the younger two get to tag along and run up and down the stairs in the music building, which they find surprisingly exciting).
  • Saturday: I can't schedule Saturdays. They always happen differently.
  • Sunday: Church.
We actually stick to this schedule pretty closely, although it's always subject to change if something out of the ordinary happens.

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