Summer planning: jobs

I make my kids do actual work every day during the summer. On top of their schoolwork and music practice, they have to keep their rooms clean. The rooms are a bigger thing than they should be. I am trying to train them to get their rooms 100% clean every day so they don't get out of hand, but some days I am impressed how fast they can get them out of hand.

They're also supposed to be doing household jobs every day, but I have to admit that I'm not as consistent about assigning those jobs as I should be. However, they do end up helping a lot, even informally: they help with Pip constantly, and do jobs when I ask them to (mostly dishes and picking up).


  1. Such a good training habit. I do this as well.

  2. My daughter wants to spend her life helping cats. So I make her do all the dirty stuff. That's part of it!