They're back!

My parents spent the last two years as missionaries in Tonga for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their main job was helping in a school, but they also found themselves feeding the poor, teaching music, and repairing the only organ with pedals on the island.

I know the people of Tonga were grateful for my parents' service, but we're happy to have them back.

First they came to our house. Only Granddad makes pancakes the size of your plate.

Then we went to their house, where all my siblings and nieces and nephews were gathered for the first time in I don't know how long. Everyone got a special Tongan souvenir, but even better were the stories, and the new perspective my parents brought back with them.

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  1. Thank God they're home! I was wondering about your parents recently. One of my old coworkers from the children's museum went on an LDS mission in Africa and got sick there. She recovered at a bishop's home in Johannesburg and did not need to return to the states. Especially with you seeming kind of lonely lately, I'm glad they're back. You and your mother are twins!!!