Pip's recent mischief

I wanted to write this down for future perusal because my older kids love hearing the naughty things they did when small!
  • Bathroom: squirts or squeezes out anything he can get his hands on
  • Bathroom: "cleaning" the toilet—a few times all the water has been transferred to the floor
  • Living room: all his toys down the furnace vent with a mashed banana
  • Car: throwing things at the driver (no more toys in the car!)
  • Kitchen: many bowls of cereal upended (most accidental)
  • Kitchen: reaches treats not left far enough back on the counter
  • Kitchen: drinks juice or milk straight out of the carton if we don't get him some fast enough
  • Everywhere: toys dumped and thrown (he really does seem happier when they're everywhere)
  • Computer: changing the language on the typing practice program to Spanish
  • Siblings' rooms: destruction of cleanliness—and an attempt to play the French horn
  • Outside: always turning on the hose or digging up the garden
  • Cat: she doesn't mind when he pulls out her fur, but she can't stand the yelling and jumping he directs at her
  • And lots more yelling. When someone does something he doesn't like, the first thing he yells is, "Hey!"
Keeping up with him lately is a challenge! If I'm getting one thing done, he's getting another thing undone. But I love him, and he's so cute. Also, since he's my third, I know that this phase will pass, probably all too quickly.