Early morning sewing

I had plans. Plans to make Tiger Lily a white baptism dress out of the leftover fabric from my mother-in-law's wedding dress.

I bought a cute vintage pattern and made a practice run using some cotton in my stash. I got as far as the bodice. It would not go over her head. I started redrawing it and cut out a new bodice, but I lost steam. I also realized that if that bodice didn't work, I was running out of time.

So, logically, I set the whole thing aside for a couple of weeks and pretended like I had all the time in the world to sew. Sigh.

I eventually decided to try an Oliver + S pattern instead, because I have used them before and they're beautifully explained and reliable. I trust them. So I paid full price for a digital pattern and a little more to have it printed locally. (By now I could have just bought a dress, but it wouldn't be made from my mother-in-law's wedding dress fabric.)

Then I procrastinated some more. My husband cut out the pattern for me (hint, hint). I procrastinated yet more.

And that is why now, in the last week before her baptism (this Saturday!), I am getting up early every morning to work on Tiger Lily's dress. I will probably work on it in the evenings too, and maybe during Pip's naptime.

I finished the back this morning.


  1. I can't wait to see a pic of the dress. I had a friend a long time ago that took a couple inches off of the wedding gowns of everyone in the family (if they agreed of course) and made a very layered-looking baptismal gown to be passed throughout the family. She was of a denomination that did infant baptism, so it was about size 9-12 months.

  2. Oh the work will be so wonderful in the end!

  3. I hope you post pictures of the finished dress. It will be an heirloom treasure!!!