Using it up

It seems that lately the fridge is always full of leftovers we don't end up eating. I hate wasting food. I've decided to scale back my cooking so we have fewer leftovers. Also, I've decided to leave a hole in my menu plan each week, and I can use that day either to eat up the leftovers, or to make something with whatever's lying around.

One week is down, and I feel successful. It's the day before I go to the grocery store, and the fridge is empty except for some carrots and condiments. Since there was nothing to use up there, I went to the freezer. Today I used up:

  • A bag of hash browns
  • A bag of French cut green beans (why did I buy them? we never eat them)
  • The last of last year's eggplant (at least I hope it was the last . . .)
  • The last of last year's green peppers
  • A bag of bean "meatballs" I made ahead and froze a few months ago

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same to. I started doing the same thing a few months ago and not planning as many meals and having a leftover buffet night.