The view out the hotel window

My husband recently returned from a 10.5-day (but who's counting?) business trip to Israel. He made it back (a day late, because his flight was canceled). The rest of us survived here. We made it.

Ten years ago, I made my husband take me to my parents' house when he left on business trips. But as the kids grew up and went to school, I had to stay put.

I am much better at coping now. Keeping to a schedule helps. Doing little fun things, like planning special meals or activities, helps too. Making sure I get to bed at a decent hour helps. Keeping up with the house helps. Trying to plan for his arrival—like making sure the laundry is caught up and the house clean—motivates me to keep up on things.

I was glad for my husband's sake that he was able to take an extra day and see some sights around Israel. Perhaps I can convince him to do a post for the blog, because when I look at his photos, I don't know what anything is!

A spice market


  1. Wow! What a trip! Look at all those spices!!! I used to be scared to stay alone but as I got older...lol...and the kids did it has been alright.