Two holiday menus

Changing our diet to a plant-based one has been challenging, and nothing is harder than holidays. At first, I just reverted to our old foods at holiday times. But as I continued eating this way, I wanted to try to change our holiday traditions, too.

The first year is the hardest, because we're changing our tradition. The second year is much easier because we've done it once and enjoyed it.

Here are two holidays we've had success with.

For St. Patrick's day, we have a rainbow fruit and veggie platter. This year, to go with it, I made hummus blended with spinach leaves to make it green. Everyone likes this better than our old corned beef and cabbage. Full disclosure: the kids still had Lucky Charms for breakfast (or, as Pip called them, "candy").

Easter is perhaps our greatest success. I've always been dubious about our traditional meal of ham and "funeral potatoes:" it didn't seem at all symbolic of the resurrection we were celebrating.

Last year, we switched to a menu of foods Jesus might have eaten: fish, pita bread, melon, grapes, cucumber, olives, grape juice, and hummus. Last year we had lentil soup as well. I also throw charoset in there, which is a traditional Jewish food for Passover. We attended a passover dinner once and enjoyed the symbolism and learning experience, and this is my nod to that.

I forgot to plan a dessert, but no one missed it because we were busy snacking on the leftover pita bread and spreads all evening.

Everyone genuinely likes our new menu, and I like that it helps us focus a little more on the real meaning of Easter.


  1. How wonderful..
    Do you feel better that you have went to the plant based meals? I know it has to be so much healthier.. Sweet boy peeping in the photo.

    1. I do feel better! My rheumatoid arthritis is gone, and that keeps me sticking to it, because it's worth it. My stomachaches and my son's heartburn also disappeared.