Things we can't get enough of lately

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Orzo
  • And other pasta, too
  • Morning walks to school
  • Asparagus
  • Having friends over
  • Smashing rocks
  • The Magic School Bus
  • Chickpea salad sandwiches


  1. I've been cleaning my parents' house. IT'S SO BAD. I wish you were here.

  2. Sweet list. Morning walks to school sound sweet and delightful. Chickpea sandwiches sound yummy. How do you make them?

    1. I will try to post a recipe soon. But basically it's tuna salad, but using smashed chickpeas instead of tuna.

    2. Great! I will look forward to it. thanks.

  3. Miss these things with my children and then the grandkids..
    I love the Magic School Bus/as did my granddaughters. bubbles and all their fun. We never lived close enough to walk to school. But had many fun nature trail visits [ when the grand kids were small, they loved roaming in our yard and finding old seeds/rocks/ pieces of old wood in our little woods.. They would play with their finds for a long time.. Great baby sitter.ha