Things I've been up to

  • Cleaning the lint out of the dryer and dryer pipe to get it working again
  • Cleaning out the rest of the laundry room while we were at it
  • Washing Pip's muddy clothes in the nice clean laundry room
  • Looking through the papers in our filing cabinet and getting rid of 90% of them
  • Cooking and baking lots of yummy food
  • Taking Red Chief to a book signing by a favorite author
  • Running lots of errands with Pip
  • Having regular special times together with Tiger Lily
  • Walking the kids to school and enjoying the beautiful spring weather
  • Starting a new study of the New Testament


  1. Sounds like the regular every day kind of stuff that makes up the solidly good memories of life. What a blessing!

  2. We both worked on our laundry last week. I also worked on my paper stashes.

  3. Wow.. you have been busy and accomplished alot. I too, just went through my file cabinet [painted it, threw away tons of stuff that was no good, shredded lots of things.. It is so much better, I can find things now.lol
    Proud you got your dryer working.