Kindles lost and found

I enjoy reading on a Kindle. My main purpose for having one is to be able to read books in the public domain (pre-1923) for free. These books can be hard to find and I might not be able to read them otherwise. I also borrow library books electronically, and every once in awhile, if an old favorite is on sale for Kindle, I will buy a book.

I don't have a very good track record with my Kindles, though. I broke the first one. Dropped it. Next my mom gave me her old one, and one day I found it dead on the floor, probably stepped on. My husband got me one with a childproof cover next. I enjoyed it for about a year, and then it disappeared. Did I leave it somewhere? Did Pip drop it in the trash? I waited a few months, then I ordered a new one.

A few days before the new one came, Red Chief found my old one. In a place that I had looked (jammed between my bed and the wall)—but I guess I hadn't looked well enough. Then a week or two later, my husband brought my second broken Kindle home from work. A friend had pulled it out of the scrap heap where my husband had deposited it, fixed it, and returned it.

We returned the newest Kindle, which I hadn't opened yet. I only need one, but now we have two.


  1. Put it on the app called offer up. I've bought and sold things on there a lot

  2. Too funny. Proud they all turned up [before you opened the new one.smile]