Cleaning day

Saturday, I just had to get stuff done. A lot of stuff. Stuff I had been putting off: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sending birthday cards, returning a package. Also, laundry, but I hadn't been putting that off: I just had more, because there's always more.

My patient and capable husband wrangled the kids while I worked, and he dropped off packages and library books and made the big kids clean their rooms.

I felt pretty good about the amount of work I got done, but I do think that next time I shouldn't put it off.


  1. Proud hubby helped you with the kids and the errands.. That always helps so much.
    And it feels soooooooo good to get it all done.. I have spring cleaning jobs, I want to get all finished up...sooooon..I hope??
    Have a great week.

  2. I cleaned my parents' house. It was disgusting!!!!! I bought them a swiffer wet jet that came with 5 pads, and when I mopped the kitchen, all 5 pads were black. Many things around here prove I need to stay a while. They are getting old. My mom used to be the best housekeeper ever. When I told my dad that, he said, "no she wasn't, she just hid dirt".