Baking inspiration

I started watching The Great British Baking Show—and what did I think? That I could watch it without getting into the kitchen? Not a chance.

I wanted to make ciabatta like they made on the show, but most of the recipes I found took two days. Plus, we needed sandwich bread.

So I made seeded sandwich bread, and then I made these Shrovetide jam buns for a treat, because they looked yummy. After I made them, I wondered what Shrovetide is, so I looked it up. Guess I'm about a week late, but they're still yummy. I used Earth Balance instead of butter and aquafaba instead of eggs to make them vegan.

I don't think I would win on the baking show, but I had fun.


  1. Oh do you have a enameled cast iron crock pot. I know it isn't called that but it is as close to it as my brain will let me get. I have a recipe for super easy bread cooked in that that Ben loves. He and Jadyn will make that and rosemary bread.

    1. Yes I do! I would love to try your recipe.

  2. Looks so good.. both the sandwich bread and jam buns..
    Love the Great British cooking show.. [sewing show too]