Recently tried recipes

Garlic lover's roasted cauliflower. Pip and I started picking at this as soon as it came out of the oven, and half of it was gone by the time the rest of the family had a chance at it. I didn't add any olive oil; all I needed was a few squirts of pan spray. I also used a whole head of garlic and would definitely repeat that decision.

Vegan puttanesca. We love this dish. I skip the olive oil; the tomatoes release enough juice for cooking if you add them first.

Easy vegan brownies. Yummy.

Lemony potato chowder. Very much enjoyed by the family. You can't go wrong with lemon. We skipped the butter, used veggie broth instead of chicken, and used soy milk instead of half and half.

Homemade vegan ham. Red Chief is such a fan of meat substitutes that I make them for his lunchtime sandwiches even though no one else likes them. This was definitely the best "bouncy" meat we've tried so far. I skipped the glaze and the baking step.

One minute cinnamon roll in a mug. Pretty good for being cooked in the microwave, but of course not as good as the real thing.

Lemon chickpea orzo soup. Another lemony soup, and another hit with the kids.

English muffin bread. Fast, easy, and yummy.


  1. I am looking forward to browsing some of the recipes. :)

  2. I found a cookbook from the church we attended when I was a teen. I can't wait to try some of the recipes and post them.

  3. THanks for sharing the recipes.. Look forward to looking at them.