It's coming

Spring is finally showing signs of coming. The snow is melting and revealing everything we left in the yard last fall. The weather has warmed up and we're having rain instead of snow. Pip and I were finally able to walk with the older kids to school for the first time since December (our stroller doesn't do well in ice and snow). We are happy to be out again.

Spring is coming to the grocery store, too. It seemed like all the produce was on sale today. When I left the produce department, my cart was half full! I love the bridge between seasons, when the winter cabbage and cauliflower are still on sale, but you can get strawberries and asparagus too.


  1. We saw a pair of Mallards on the pond this week. Can they already be preparing to nest? It may be an early spring here, too!

  2. I am so happy to see spring approaching.. I too love when the strawberries and blueberries start coming out.. And all the birds are singing and happy.