Scandal! Murder!

Lately it seems I'm bumping into all the scandal in our family line. While looking at tangential relations last week, I found two murders—see article above for the poor man who was a quarter-century older than his wife, caught her in the act, and was killed by her lover (if I'm getting my French right!).

I also found another branch of the family (in the United States) who lived in a mansion and seemed to go through spouses like used handkerchiefs. The matriarch was eventually found murdered at home: an unsolved case. Since they were rich, I was able to find photos on their passport applications (you know, so they could take a steamer to South America).

Here are three photos of the same woman, Hazel, taken throughout her life:


  1. That's some fascinating family history!

    And Hazel is beautiful!!!!

  2. Wow!!! What interesting history. Hazel was for sure a beauty.