Planning from the pantry

We've still got some garden food from the summer in our freezer, and I've decided it's time to clean it out. I planned a menu from the freezer and pantry this week. We'll need to pick up a few things, but starting with what we have will save us a lot!

Also, a more long-term goal is to eat down some of our black beans. Eight years ago I bought five (!) five-gallon buckets of them, and it was too much. We're down to two, but I want to be down to one. Think we can eat a whole bucket of dry black beans this year? I think we'll take care of it if we eat the equivalent of two cans per week. But I'm getting to a good start this week with four cans on the menu.
Vegetable chowder, French bread
Green tomato stew, brown rice
Black beans and rice extravaganza, corn on the cob
Eggplant caponata pasta
Black bean soup with sweet potatoes
Tempeh stir fry with green beans, mushrooms
Split pea soup, cranberry bread

1 comment:

  1. 5-five gallon buckets of black beans..wow!!!
    Your menu sounds really good.. Best wishes on emptying a bucket of your beans.
    The cranberry bread sounds really good.. I love cranberries.. But, have never did cranberry bread..Will have to try it.