Pip lately

Pip, as usual, keeps himself busy!

  • Loves hippos. It started out with the book But Not the Hippopotamus, then we enabled him by showing him YouTube movies of hippos eating watermelons and having their teeth brushed. He is currently the owner of a stuffed hippo, and his favorite activity is brushing its teeth (although it doesn't have any).
  • Is starting to name his colors with increasing accuracy.
  • Throws things when angry. That means that his favorite wooden blocks have been put away, since they're quite formidable projectiles! (He is an excellent block stacker when he's calm.)
  • Hates snow days. Poor Pip, his schedule was all thrown off for a few weeks when it snowed and we got sick and we didn't go anywhere. It made him grumpy. He is happy to be back to normal. 
  • Is learning to draw. He can draw an almost recognizable smiley face. He does the eyes beautifully. The mouth is usually straight or down, but he still calls them happy. 
  • Loves songs. After each hymn in church he pleads, "more songs?" After a song on the radio ends he chirps, "more songs?" He loves music, all kinds.
  • Gets his basketball in the hoop sometimes and loves playing catch.
  • Still identifies as a baby. Not interested in being a "big boy" yet. I'm 100% okay with that.
  • Favorite foods: pasta with "sprinkle cheese," oranges, apples (whole only, please), cocoa.


  1. So sweet! Fun times with little ones.

  2. He's so darling. Our 2 youngest are right about his age, and it is such a fun/crazy season.