Pip and the potato

For weeks now, Pip has been whacking at the same potato with a play knife. I had to take several photos to get one with his hand still: he really goes at it, and most were quite blurry.

Every time I make dinner, he sweetly offers me his potato. I think I'll let him keep it, though, since it brings him such joy.


  1. That's a very durable potato. :)

    Such a cute small boy.

  2. Replies
    1. No, I'm surprised because its companions did start to sprout. I guess it's had all the whacking it can take! I'm actually surprised it hasn't grown mold or rotted either. It is a bit softer than normal though.

  3. How sweet...[and I would let Pip keep his potato too]
    I remember my little kids being in the kitchen with me.. It amazed me, that a little left over biscuit dough and plastic
    spoons would keep them happy for a long time.. They made all kinds of foods in their minds, I am sure.
    ps... they both like to cook now.. Our son is a pastor, but still finds to cook meals for his family occasionally.. Our daughter is a teacher, and she cooks most every night, for her family.. Wonder if the cooking fun of childhood, influenced this??