Christmas catch-up

I forgot to share these pictures before Christmas. Here is the set from a production of Little Women that Tiger Lily and I attended together. It was the fastest version I've ever seen: done in 45 minutes! I enjoyed seeing a friend acting, and I adored the set. The background is made from books!

Red Chief learned how to make these fancy snowflakes at school, so our home was well decorated.

We even made one into a crown for Tiger Lily! She wore it to the church Christmas party and received many compliments.

The obligatory gingerbread cookies, sprinkled with gold sugar. The ginger newts are a nod to Harry Potter (book 5), and they are a family tradition.


  1. How amazing that there are newt cookie cutters!

    Those snowflakes are beautiful!!

    1. I'll tell you a secret: it's a lizard cookie cutter. We just call it a newt. :)

  2. The snow flakes and crown are just beautiful..
    Proud you two got to enjoy the play.. How nice..
    Have a great week.