Ingredients for coziness

We had our first snow that stuck today. Here is my list of things to do to make the house feel warm and cozy in the winter. Please feel free to add your own suggestions!
  • Get the basics done: dishes, laundry, pick up, etc.
  • Bake something.
  • Make soup.
  • Set out something pretty, like a poinsettia, Christmas decorations, etc.
  • Light a candle or five.
  • Light a fire (our gas fireplace makes that easy).
  • Have hot cocoa or apple cider on hand and a kettle of warm water ready on the stove.
  • Keep the curtains open to let sunlight in (if there is any!).
  • Put on some nice music or an audio book.
  • Put a corn bag between the sheets before bed.


  1. Love your cozy warm ideas.. [Made me happy , just reading it smile]

  2. Dianna, you can always reach out to me if needed.