Cozy blankets for a snowy week

The days surrounding Christmas have been very snowy. We got about seven inches right before Christmas, and unfortunately, the powers that be around here are not big on plowing.

Red Chief had found some instructions for making a tied fleece blanket, and we braved the icy roads the day before the big storm to get some fabric. I'm glad we did: it gave us a project and a goal to look forward to during a few days when we didn't leave the house.

Our two blankets turned out well, and every time I turn around I find a kid cuddled up in one. It was fun to have a project we could all work together on.

Oh, and lest you feel bad that Pip didn't get one: he will only accept cotton flannel blankets, and he already has about seventeen.


  1. My babies have cotton flannel blankets, too . . . perhaps 17. :)

    The fleece blankets are lovely. Great job to you all!

  2. How fun..[I love making them]. And what a fun thing to do, while the snow had you closed in.. We have had no snow/ice this year..But weather predicting ice next weel..[sure hope they miss that forecast.lol].. But I may just raid my stash [or ease out to fabric store] for some fleece.. Good project..
    Stay warm.

  3. Annalise's aunt, who's now 17, makes her one for Christmas every year :)